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'Last week, The New Yorker published its October 13 issue. It contained an “A Critic at Large” piece by Evgeny Morozov, titled “The Planning Machine: Project Cybersyn and the Origins of the Big Data Nation.”

Within a few days, historians were chatting. Something was wrong. Morozov’s essay clearly borrowed heavily from Eden Medina’s book, Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile, a book that every reader should buy right now. Medina, who received her PhD from MIT, is an associate professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana Universityand also co-editor of the volume, Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America

Indeed, Morozov’s essay was ostensibly a review of Cybernetic Revolutionaries. Yet, Morozov only once mentioned Medina, and the mention came well into his text. To add insult to injury, citation was glancing at best: “As Eden Medina shows in ‘Cybernetic Revolutionaries,’ her entertaining history of Project Cybersyn, [Stafford] Beer set out to solve an acute dilemma that Allende faced.” The placement of the mention as well as its wording could and did give many readers the impression that all of the ideas and the work that went into the essay were Morozov’s, but they weren’t.’

- An Unresolved Issue: Evgeny Morozov, The New Yorker, and the Perils of “Highbrow Journalism”

for the kingdom, if i can

'Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a computer virus that spies on Apple Inc's iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and they believe it is targeting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The malicious software, known as Xsser, is capable of stealing text messages, photos, call logs, passwords and other data from Apple mobile devices, researchers with Lacoon Mobile Security said on Tuesday.


The code used to control that server is written in Chinese. The high quality of the campaign and the fact it is being used to target protesters suggests that it is coming from a sophisticated attacker in China, Shaulov said.’

- Advanced iOS virus targeting Hong Kong protestors

full stop

'A university professor who has become the most visible symbol of peaceful resistance by ethnic Uighurs to Chinese policies was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday after being found guilty of separatism by court officials in the western region of Xinjiang, which Uighurs consider their homeland. The punishment handed down to Ilham Tohti was the harshest that Chinese officials have imposed on a political dissident in recent years.


Among prosecutors’ arguments was that Mr. Tohti had “internationalized” the Uighur issue by giving interviews to foreign reporters and had translated foreign articles and essays about Xinjiang to be posted on Uighur Online.’

- China Sentences Uighur Scholar to Life

living for the scene

'DJs all over the world are now deliberately making mistakes during their mixes to prove to fans and critics that they are in fact real DJs. The latest craze, known as miss-mixing, is proving very popular amongst digital DJs as a way of highlighting that they are actually manually mixing tracks rather than using the sync button.

Michael Briscoe, also know as DJ Whopper, spoke about miss-mixing with Wunderground, “Flawless mixing is now a thing of the past, especially for any up and coming digital DJs. You just can’t afford to mix without mistakes these days or you’ll be labelled as a ‘sync button DJ.’”


Reports that EDM superstars Hardwell and Nicky Romero have started miss-mixing have been proved false after a source close to both Dutch DJs revealed that “they weren’t intentionally fucking up at all” and the mistakes in their sets were a “result of them both being shit” and “not having a fucking clue what they’re doing”.’

- DJs Now Deliberately Making Mistakes To Prove They Are Real DJs

didn’t see it coming

Porn for the Blind is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing audio descriptions of sample movie clips from adult web sites. This service is provided free of charge.

You can help! Record a description now.’

keeping heart

'When you send your friend a message through Somebody, it goes — not to your friend — but to the Somebody user nearest your friend. This person (likely a stranger) delivers the message verbally, acting as your stand-in. The most high-tech part of Somebody is not in the phone, it’s in the users who dare to deliver a message to a stranger.’

wasted west


Hudec volunteered to join the army after outbreak of World War I, but was captured by the Russian Army in 1916 and was sent to a prison camp in Siberia. While being transferred, he jumped from a train near the Chinese border and made his way to Shanghai, where he joined the American architectural office R.A. Curry.’

black mirror

'A video posted by ISIL terrorists purports to the show the beheading of an American photojournalist who has been missing since 2012. The group claims the beheading is a message to President Obama to end the American intervention in Iraq. The incident is reminiscent of Daniel Pearl's 2002 death. Pearl was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, taken hostage and killed by Al-Qaeda.’

- ISIL Beheads American Photojournalist

scenario-based planning

Singapore has become a laboratory not only for testing how mass surveillance and big-data analysis might prevent terrorism, but for determining whether technology can be used to engineer a more harmonious society.”

- The Social Laboratory


"This is a MAN’S world."

"Thanks for reminding us of that. Every once in a while, we forget."

Wow. This may be the single greatest piece of interview footage ever to have aired on CNN. Eat your fucking heart out, Kanye.

o tempora o mores!

The Crimean peninsula depends critically on the Ukrainian mainland for infrastructure services: power, water, and Internet. That has begun to change in the last few days, as Crimean ISPs began receiving their first Internet services over the newly constructed Kerch Strait Cable, linking Crimea with the Russian mainland. 

- No turning back: Russia activates Crimean cable

"Art is just like everything else, except it’s more off-putting."